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Lifetime achievement praised

Published: 9 February 2018

Eric Forsgren's documentary film prize was awarded on the annual documentary film day in Piteå on Friday. This year's winner was Maud Nycander, who was praised for her extensive efforts in the documentary genre.

– It feels great, it's both a big honor and a lot of money which, of course, is a welcome addition when you, like me, freelance and have a very uneven economy. It gives me a lot of freedom, said Maud Nycander, emphasizing that it is something special to win Eric Forsgren's documentary film prize.

– It's the biggest documentary film award in Sweden so I'm really happy today.

Eric Forsgren's documentary film prize is awarded at the annual documentary film day in Piteå, which is a joint venture between Luleå University of Technology, Filmpool Nord, Sparbanken Nord and Piteå Kommun. Since a number of years ago, the day is also part of the Norrbotten Media Week.

Entering otherwise closed worlds

Maud Nycander has a long career in the documentary film and has a series of successful documentary films on her CV. She has won Guldbaggar for the films Nunnorna and Palme. What attracted her with documentary films was the possibility to get closer to people than usual.

- You are allowed to enter worlds that are otherwise closed and I'm also driven by my curiosity on other people and how reality actually looks like.

Maud Nycander is awarded the award for her efforts in documentary films while Eric Forsgren's documentary film prize has been awarded. Even though the prize can be seen as a tribute to her life, Maud Nycander says that she is not in any way ready to qiut for filmmaking.

- I still have several movies in me. There are a number of started projects, but it's too early to let you know something today.

High status

The status of the documentary film has changed over the years, and today, Maud Nycander experiences that the genre enjoys a completely different respect than was previously the case.

- Nowadays, documentary film is at a peak. Nowadays, there are even stakeholders from the business community who want to invest in my movies and that's something that was totaly unheard of twenty years ago.

Eric Forsgren, who established the prize in 2008, was the first employee of Sweden's Radio, which was commissioned to mirror Norrland for the Swedish people, from the late 50's onwards. The prize has been awarded for ten years with an annual price of 100,000 SEK. In other words, this was possibly the last time the prize was awarded.

- Everyone involved in this day is very positive to the event and we will work for the documentary film day to live on, but maybe in another form. My assessment is that it will probably be a documentary film day next year, reveals Lars Hallberg, former university lecturer at Luleå University of Technology and one of the organizers of the documentary film day.