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LTU partner appointed for this year's Smart Industry

Published: 16 February 2018

The Piteå based company Lundqvist Trävaru has received the prize in IVA's project Smart Industry Corporate Competition. The jury said that, with its business model, they challenged the traditional construction industry.

On February 1, the award ceremony was awarded at IVA in Stockholm. Lundqvist Wood - which offers entire buildings directly online - was rewarded. The win is, in addition to honor, a knowledge trip to Germany later this spring. CEO Samuel Holmström and Vice President Jens Lundqvist received the award.

- It was incredibly honorable to receive the prize among all the other fantastic companies that were nominated. So why are we focusing on making things easier for people? Digitalization for us just means - making things better and easier. Both for customers, but also for us internally. It's primarily about streamlining how the information travels in the processes and how we can process that information to constantly learn from it. By allowing customers to draw their own buildings on our website, see what it will cost in real time and be able to print ready-made building plot drawings - we have not only made it easy for the customer to realize his building idea and buy a building, we have also created the conditions for us internally to let the system do a large part of the job, said CEO Samuel Holmström.

Jens Lundqvist and Samuel Holmström say they have grown up with video games - and that is the upbringing that has transformed the strictly traditional company based on its digital growth. The company from Piteå, which has existed for over 80 years, sold earlier timber. Now the finished houses sell directly on their own website. Lundqvist hired system developer Markus Sundström from Luleå Technical University to build a 3D program that the customer can use without prior knowledge. The customer gets directly into the web interface - no external applications or additions required - create a model of the house it wants to build. Then it can print building plot drawings and get a price suggestion. It is a process that previously took a long time for the customer.

- Luleå University of Technology has almost got a position as our external development department. A ballboard that helps us to think. Together with the university, its students and professors, we have looked at really big questions, such as to argue about various possible future scenarios for the industry. But we have also helped in smaller and more concrete questions. Much of what today is key core processes in our business, customer drawing tools in 3D and our logistics flows, are due to graduate work done by students from LTU, said CEO Samuel Holmström.

The prizes were awarded by the Secretary of State Eva Lindström, Ministry of Enterprise, IVA's CEO Tuula Teeri together with Göran Persson, Siemens and Torbjörn Holmström, Volvo Group.