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David Myhr
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The songwriter process is mapped in new album

Published: 2 February 2018

Where do musical ideas come from? And what is it that make up a great song? These are some of the issues that University Lecturer David Myhr is studying. Issues explored on the upcoming album Lucky Day. A first taste was recently released in the form of the single Jealous Sun.

- It feels great that the single is released! Of course it was only 15 months since I released Spellbound, but it's been six years since I released my solo album, Soundshine. So it has been a long journey and as an artist, you can usually build unrealistic sky-high expectations that the world will stop for a while, says David Myhr, telling me that the basic melody of the new single has been in his head for many years.

- I've been carrying this melody for five years and thought it might be a good. Both of my co-workers said early that it smelled a bit like a single. "- I think you're going to make some friends with this!" Said Brad Jones. Of course I'm very pleased with the song, but the thing is that I'm so proud of all the song on the album.

Artistic part of thesis

David Myhr teaches at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology and became known as the frontman of the band The Merrymakers, a group contributing to maintaining the Swedish reputation as a hotspot for melodic pop in the 1990s. His second solo album Lucky Day will be released May 18th, but already you can listen to the first single Jealous Sun. The record is not only a new album with ten songs but also the sounding, artistic, part of the dissertation he works at Luleå University of Technology.

- During the course of my work, I have been able to document the entire process on video, and then analyze a bit more in detail what actually happens when melodies are created. With myself as a research object. I try to find out, among other things, what it is that makes me think one idea is better than the other and so on. So it's been very exciting to change my usual artistic practice by taking on my research hat and looking at it all from the outside, said David Myhr, who was careful not to let the academic contribution affect the creation of music.

Striving for deepening

- The fact is that I have deliberately tried not to change my way of working in the music creation itself, except for the fact that this time I went to Los Angeles, Nashville and New York this time (February 2015) to collaborate with a bunch of American songwriters. But my thought has never been that the songs themselves should be influenced by the research. Nor do I belong to those who want to experiment wildly and try out completely unproven methods. I rather strive to immerse myself in what I already love and can do.

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