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Record-high search pressure at The RSPO Orchestra Academy

Published: 27 March 2018

International Orchestra Academy have never had such a high search pressure as during this year's admission round. 228 hopeful people have reported their interest in the nine available places.

– This is the third round of admissions and evidence that our academy has become famous and gained a reputation both nationally and internationally, says Petter Sundkvist, professor at Luleå University of Technology and continues.

– The music world is small and the only thing that eventually helps with recruiting is that students who leave spreads the word. The search numbers this year shows the high quality. Another reason for the high search pressure is that almost all our students have received job offers already during the training.

Collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic

International Orchestra Academy I is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm. The education is given in Stockholm, and every week the students are taught by the Royal Philharmonics and employees at the Piteå School of Music. Students will, among other things, receive individual instruction on their respective instruments, extensive chamber music playing and the opportunity to participate in concert productions with the Royal Philharmonic.

– International Orchestra Academy I is a unique opportunity to sharpen your musical and technical skills in close collaboration and dialogue with the leading musicians in one of the world's premier orchestras. In addition, they learn how to handle audition situations, and the social requirements and the expectations of the music collective, says Petter Sundkvist.


Petter Sundkvist

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