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Strong effort by the students in Delsbo Electric

Published: 31 May 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, students from Luleå University of Technology participated in the Delsbo Electric competition. The aim of the competition is to drive a rail vehicle as energy-efficient as possible on a stretch of 3.36 km. The students stood for a strong achievement when they beat last year's world record and finished second.

Thus, students from Luleå University of Technology can boast that they built the world's second most energy-efficient transport vehicle since the 2017 winners were recognized by the Guiness World Records.

– To put the result in a perspective, our consumption of 0.71 Wh per person and km corresponds to driving between Cape Town and Luleå on 1.2 liters of gasoline. Compared to a four persons in a Tesla, our vehicle consumes approximately 0.3 percent of the energy consumption per kilometer and person. We are very pleased that we beat the LTU record and more, says André Medin, who is studying the third year at the Master Programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Better tactics

Luleå University of Technology made its fourth appearance in Delsbo Electric since its first start in 2015. The energy consumption this year was almost half as low as in 2017, and then one wonder how such great improvement could be made.

– We developed a system that helps us choose tactics during the race and we could improve the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle and reduce the friction. The process taught us that theory often differs from reality, but that you can apply a lot of theory to improve a vehicle.

André Medin believes that next year's team, called Acus, has good prospects for achieving even better results.

– Hopefully they will develop a new chassis which could be a very fun project!

The students who represented Luleå University of Technology in this year's competition were: André Medin, Ivar Rockström, Martin Wadner, Amanda Gren, Joakim Stenudd, Anton Sundström, Elias Löfroth, My Malmgren, Morgan Johansson and Sandra Benzler. All the students is studying the Master's programs in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Engineering.