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Best teacher award in 2019 - Architect Johan Linton

Published: 10 December 2019

Johan Linton is responsible for teaching History of Architecture at the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology since 2012.

The prize Best teacher of the year was established in 2000 by the Student’s Union to promote ”distinguished teaching, commitment to the students and pedagogical skills”.

"To work with the students at LTU in a dialogue about architecture and architectural history has always been very interesting and stimulating. This kind of acknowledgement is the finest one can get as a teacher, and I want to give my warmest thanks to the Student's Union and the students of Luleå University of Technology for this very honourable and splendid prize", says Johan Linton, Senior Lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

The jury states, among other things, that the prize winner with great commitment and high competence captures the students' interest with his lectures; does his utmost to see things from the students' perspective, which means that they are never afraid to ask questions; and that one can always come to him with critical feedback and know that he takes it seriously and directly tries to solve the problem.

Johan Linton

Johan Linton, Senior Lecturer

Organisation: Architecture, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering