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Dance teacher appointed to this year's teacher

Published: 28 June 2019

Tove Lojander, teacher at the subject teacher program specialization dance, has been awarded the Teacher of the Year 2019 award by Luleå Student Union.

– It feels amazing! This is the absolute best award a teacher can get. I receive the award with humility and at the same time feel great pride that we have a dance teacher training at Luleå University of Technology, says Tove Lojander, university lecturer and teacher at the specialization dance at the subject teaching program.

Deeply affected

It was the students of the dance teacher training program that nominated Tove Lojander for the prize that was handed out at the closing event Islossningen at the end of May. A burning commitment, great pedagogical knowledge and the care of the students formed the basis for Luleå Student Union's decision to award Tove the award.

– That my own students have nominated me for the prize makes me speechless and deeply affected, says Tove Lojander and tells us that the students' commitment is what drives her in the teaching.

– The students' enthusiasm, curiosity and dance joy give me a lot of energy and power! It is thanks to my students, students and colleagues that I have been able to develop as a teacher. Teaching and working as a teacher is always about dialogue, it is the students' (sometimes very smart) questions that raise my interest in continuing to look for answers and develop as a teacher.

What do you think is important for being a good teacher?

– One of the most important things is to think that what you teach is important and fun. Because it infects students with curiosity, interest and joy. I also think that a teacher is often a role model, and then it is especially important to think through what you say and do - beacuse teachers can really make a difference. Being able to be professional and clear creates security for students, parents, students and colleagues. At the same time, one should be able to show empathy and see each student as an individual.


Tove Lojander

Lojander, Tove - Lecturer

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