Engaged at seminar on home care and healthcare

Published: 26 August 2019

Improved collaboration between the municipalities and the Norrbotten Region was one of the topics raised during the conference Needs Seminar: Healthcare and Home Care Services.
– It is good to have confirmation that we are several who have the same concerns. And that we can come up with suggestions for improvements, says Ewa Karlsson Sjölander, business developer in the elderly care in Piteå municipality.

This was the second of a total of four seminars called Needs seminars arranged by the Center for Innovation and E- Health, EIC, at Luleå University of Technology.

In the morning, business developers gathered in health, care and healthcare and staff working in patients home environments.

The participants divided into groups and assigned to discuss based on the themes of planning, executing, following up and evaluating and finally improving. The discussions aroused great interest among the participants.

A common theme among the groups was the lack of personnel and comptence. The same was coordination in the operations between the municipalities and the Norrbotten Region.

– For example, when someone gets bad at a retirement home and has to go to a hospital, a number of notes have been made in the medical record. But the staff in the region cannot go in and read it. A lot of work has been done before the patient ends up in a hospital and it would be good to know, says Carina Kapraali, a medical nurse in Haparanda municipality.

After lunch, researchers and representatives from municipalities and companies joined. They were given access to the presentation of the group work from the morning. Jessica K Ljungberg, professor of technical psychology, found it very interesting to listen to all ideas.

– I just got hired here at Luleå University of Technology and this is in line with what I am doing, she says.

David Karlsson, head of development at the company Skyresponse, was very impressed by the technology- packed activity laboratory, which Per-Olov Egnell, operations manager at EIC, showed at the end of the day.

– It's very interesting with the equipment. I feel we have something to contribute with here, he says.

Per-Olof Egnell

Per-Olof Egnell, Operational Manager

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Maria Jansson

Maria Jansson, Project Manager, Project leader EIC

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