Ahmed Elragal
Ahmed Elragal, Professor of Information Systems and examiner on the course in ERP Systems. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

New course gives students unique knowledge

Published: 27 March 2019

Thanks to an academic agreement between SAP and Luleå University of Technology, the Bachelor Programme in Systems Sciences offers a new course: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems. – Few universities teach this because it requires specific skills, skills that we have at our university, says Ahmed Elragal, Professor of Information Systems and examiner on the course.

SAP is an international provider of well-known enterprise application software. An ERP system is a business management software, a suite of applications that helps companies and authorities to handle all sorts of business processes. Enterprise systems are large, complex and sophisticated systems and one of many key areas that Systems Sciences students should learn. This is also one of Ahmed Elragal’s area of expertise and he is pleased to offer the course to students at the university.

– We have signed an academic agreement with SAP by which we have become member of the University Alliance Program (UAP). This qualifies us to use SAP software and technology both in teaching and research. The ERP Systems course is based on SAP technology rendered to us from Magdeburg cloud in Germany, says Ahmed Elragal.

Unique opportunity for students

According to Ahmed Elragal, there are several reasons to why Luleå University of Technology is the perfect place for this such a rare course. Overall, the university has state of the art education and hence the programmes should include new technology. In addition, if the graduates are equipped with unique skills they get new opportunities.

– I am sure that some of the students will get internships or jobs within this area because of this course. As a university we will also – in a positive way – contribute to the market since there is a shortage of people with these specific skills in the area of SAP ERP, says Ahmed Elragal.