The Polar Research Secretariat opens at Luleå University of Technology

Published: 4 September 2019

The Polar Research Secretariat has now inaugurated its new premises at Luleå University of Technology after relocation from Stockholm. Matilda Ernkrans, Minister of Higher Education and Research cut the ribbon and emphasized the importance of the research the Polar Research Secretariat creates conditions for, in the Arctic and Antarctic, among others.

The inauguration was followed by a large audience who were also given the opportunity to look into the Polar Research Secretariat's new premises, with the entrance adjacent to the new modern university library at Luleå University of Technology, which will  open in the spring. For many people in Luleå, the research ship Oden, which, in wintertime is based in Luleå, is more strongly linked to the Polar Research Secretariat, which rents the boat, equipped with advanced scientific equipment, for expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship is one of the foremost research platforms in the Arctic Ocean today.

Coordinates Swedish polar research

The government wants to among other things, contribute to strengthening and utilizing the knowledge about the Arctic in the region by relocating the Polar Research Secretariat to Luleå, in the Arctic, but also the sub-polar areas and the Swedish mountain world are of great interest to researchers. This means, according to he Polar Research Secretariat, that virtually every scientific discipline could be included in polar research - from science to social science. The Polar Research Secretariat is a government agency with the task of coordinating and promoting Swedish polar research. Luleå University of Technology today conducts both education and research in a number of different areas, related to the Arctic and also polar research, including focus on climate change.

University of Sweden in the Arctic

Luleå University of Technology, warmly welcomed the Polar Research Secretariat at the opening ceremony.
-– We are actually the only educational institution in Seden that has a campus in the Arctic. It is great that the Polar Research Secretariat has come here and we hope to continue our development in research together with you. The fact is that it is Norrbotten, which makes Sweden an arctic region,  Pär Weihed, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology, said.

Municipal Board's 2nd Vice Chairman Anders Josefsson, as well Governor Björn O. Nilsson, warmly welcomed the polar research secretariat:

– It is a great pleasure for me to participate in the conciliation of the Polar Research Secretariat in the premises at Luleå University of Technology, for which I feel so strongly. I do not see this as a relocation, but as a localization, to where you belong. I welcome the cold research, warmly welcome to Luleå and Norrbotten, Björn O. Nilsson, said.

Pär Weihed

Pär Weihed, Professor, Pro Vice-Chancellor

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