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Popular with wood in European homes

Published: 28 January 2019

Many consumers like to have wood in their homes, preferably bright colors with visible twig. These were some of the interesting results presented in a survey on consumer preferences for interior wood that has been conducted in seven European countries.

Luleå University of Technology has been the project owner for the three-year project, which was carried out together with the trade association Swedish Wood, Linköping University and business partners. The study has been completed within the research and innovation program BioInnovation. The survey was conducted in Sweden, Norway, the UK, Poland, Germany, France and Spain and is based on just over 7,000 responses. The purpose of the study was to investigate European consumers' preferences regarding interior wood products and to map interesting segments and export markets for the Swedish wood industry.

– The study shows that interior pine products are a future market and the wood industry must be prepared to be able to deliver the modern wood products that customers demand. With the right style, color and function, there is a great potential for pine, says Olof Broman, researcher in wood technology at Luleå University of Technology.

The study shows that wood is a requested material in many parts of the home, especially in the living room and bedroom. Wooden floors and wall panels in light colors are appreciated to a greater extent than dark and colorful ones. Kitchen cabinets in wood are also popular, especially in Sweden, the UK and Poland, where over 60 percent of respondents prefer this. When it comes to wooden doors, it is most popular in Poland, followed by Sweden and Norway. Visible wood enhances a certain interior style, compared to if it does not exist. Ranking of the purchasing factors price, quality and appearance/design showed that the three were basically equally important in all countries. Possibility of home delivery and assistance with assembly were also important factors when buying.

– It is interesting that in all countries there are more people who like to have visible twigs in wooden floors and wall panels than those who prefer wooden surfaces without twigs. Visible twig is increasingly seen as an interesting interior detail. Choosing pine for interior design is also a more environmentally sustainable alternative than, for example, steel and plastic, says Björn Nordin, head of Interior and Design at Svenskt Trä, in a press release.


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