Nurses with a foreign degree ready for the labor market

Published: 16 January 2019

Eight nurses with a foreign degree from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, have completed an additional education at Luleå University of Technology and can now apply for a Swedish licence.

– I have got a job at the stroke department at Umeå University Hospital. It feels exciting. I have applied for many jobs and have received many offers, and was able to choose the most interesting one, says Michael Louie Naid, who lives in Kramfors.

Distance education with mentorship program

Luleå University of Technology is the only university providing the program as a a distance education. During the one-year program, the class meets for a total of four weeks per semester in Luleå. Otherwise, the teaching takes place through web-based tools. In addition, the students conduct three courses in different clinical activities. All teaching is given in Swedish. Each student has also been attached to an experienced teacher and mentor at the Department of Health Sciences at Luleå University of Technology. The purpose of this has been to maximize the students' personal and professional development.

– I have received a lot of support and am very happy. My mentor really listened when I needed to talk, says Fatemeh Etemadi, who comes from Stockholm and starts working as a nurse in early February.

– I have also had great support from my mentor and it has worked great to study at distance. I have been able to work at the same time and have had the opportunity to stay with my family, says Maria Christie Norlin from Luleå who has a job interview on Monday.

Big increase of applicants

Päivi Juuso, Senior Lecturer in Nursing is responsible for the program. She is pleased that the interest for the education has increased greatly since the first round of admission.

– Next week we welcome 25 new nurses to the program. It shows that we have reached out with the program being given, regularly at four other universities in the country and as a distance education at Luleå University of Technology. It feels great. These nurses are an important resource that contribute valuable expertise and knowledge in the global world we live in, says Päivi Juuso.

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