Venture cup 2019
Happy winners from the awards ceremony at Kulturhuset Ebenezer in Luleå. Photo: Venture Cup/pressbild View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Grand slam for the University at the Venture Cup

Published: 17 December 2019

Three of five winners in the Venture Cup entrepreneur competition IDEA are active at Luleå University of Technology. All of them ranked on the national Top20 list and among the contributions was everything from a social network for hunters to an electric skateboard.

– To place on the Top 20 list is an encouragement we have been looking for, that we are on the right path, not only from the business idea's point of view, but also from our business model and implementation plan, says Sajid Ali Alvi, PhD student at Luleå University of Technology in a press release from the Venture Cup .

The Top 20 list consists of the 20 best new business ideas in Sweden that the Venture Cup produces each year after the competition round is completed. The winners in Norrland come from Sundsvall, Umeå, and Luleå and they were celebrated during a lunch event moderated by the entrepreneur and LTU alumni Malin Winberg.

Builds bridges between academia and business

The winners' business ideas solve problems in everything from financial water shortages to IT tools for people with fine motor problems in their fingers and hands. The region hit a record 32% in the number of competition entries submitted compared to the previous year, and it is an increase in all university places that are partners for the Venture Cup in Norrland.

– It is nice to see this increase given that we act as a bridge between academia and business when it comes to entrepreneurship at an early stage, says Cathrin Sandström, Regional Manager in the North region.

Luleå University of Technology award winning entrys in IDEA 2019, Region North:

Team: Elias Grape

Location: Luleå

University seat: Luleå University of Technology

They offer people in need of a “last-mile” vehicle an electric skateboard with a unique riding experience. The board is controlled by your body movements, like a regular skateboard, it provides an intuitive and safer user experience.

Life Cube
Team: Kristian Sundvall and David Sundvall

The franchise and the Life Cube service produce cheaper water than existing solutions by purifying used water from showers, dishes and laundry to clean water. By giving people suffering from economic water shortages access to cheaper water, many can get out of poverty.

Team: Sajid Ali Alvi

Qalami aims to bridge the distant Himalayan communities of Pakistan with the rest of the world by bringing the craft of their ancestors to the world. This is done through cross-sections of Swedish design and Himalayan craftsmen, also enriching the consumer experience through stories about women craftsmen.