Veronika Sundström
Veronika Sundström, University Director at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Anders Alm View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Veronika Sundström appointed University Director

Published: 27 September 2019

Veronika Sundström, former regional director at Region Norrbotten, has been appointed new University Director at Luleå University of Technology. On November 11, she will take over as new University Director. Veronika Sundström thus replaces Staffan Sarbäck, who is retiring after more than thirty years as University Director at Luleå University of Technology.

– I look forward to working with Veronika. She is a strong leader with great integrity and professionalism. Based on her experience, she comes in with a new perspective and valuable knowledge that will be very important in our work with Vision 2030, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn says, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

Veronika Sundström was previously regional director in the Norrbotten Region during the years 2015-2019 and before that, its deputy county council director. Before that, she has a long background as a manager at different levels and in different areas of the region.

– I am very much looking forward to this assignment. It feels exciting and fun, precisely because it is at an organization like Luleå University of Technology, which is such an important player for the county and actually for the whole world. At the same time, it is a big step to change the sector, because it is many years since I was in a government agency so in that way it feels challenging, says Veronika Sundström.

– Luleå University of Technology, is very similar to the Norrbotten Region because there are many employees with high competence in widely different areas. On the other hand, for example, governance and financing are therefore different, Veronika Sundström, says.

The assignment as University Director means that Veronika Sundström, becomes head of the Luleå University Technical University's combined operational support and that she has overall responsibility for the administrative support and government issues within the university as a whole. The University Director reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor and is a member of the University's management and participates as one in the management, in defining the University's vision and strategy as well as business objectives linked to the management and development of support processes