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They are involved in developing the AI engine

Published: 28 August 2020

As part of the development of an AI engine for, among other things, railway maintenance, the students Emil Lindh and Kevin Karim have worked at Luleå University of Technology as research engineers in the summer.
– It has been fun and we have learned a lot, they say.

During the summer, Emil Lindh and Kevin Karim have been involved and worked on the AI for Railways project, AIFR, at Luleå University of Technology.
Emil Lindh studies technical physics at Linköping University, Kevin Karim is studying to become a computer engineer at KTH. During the late summer, they will complete their assignment as research engineers in Luleå.

Use of images

The goal of the AIFR project is to develop an AI engine that can be used by companies in the railway industry in, for example, planning and troubleshooting.

– I have investigated if it is possible to use photos on train wheels in the AI engine, to be able to find ways to detect damage. I have been experimenting and come up with some algorithms that can work. Right now, at an early stage, it is to see if it can be used, Emil Lindh says .

Kevin Karim has worked with the construction of the digital platform.
– Initially, we have uploaded files manually that we wanted to analyze, but we want it to happen automatically. That there are algorithms wich sort the information automatically, he says.

Participated in discussions

At the same time, they have participated in discussions with others who work in the project, met industry partners and made study visits to a train workshop in Umeå.
– It has been fun, in the training we do not have contact with companies in that way, Emil Lindh and Kevin Karim says. 

They appreciate that they have had the opportunity to discuss with industry representatives and colleagues about problems and solutions.
– You get the opportunity to work creatively, explore and learn new things, Emil Lindh says.

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

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