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Photo: Simon Eliasson
Professor Dean A Shepherd is an internationally leading researcher in entrepreneurship. Photo: Simon Eliasson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Dean Shepherd, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy 2020

Published: 12 November 2020

Professor Dean A Shepherd is an internationally leading researcher in entrepreneurship. He has made significant contributions to our knowledge and understanding of the decision making of individual entrepreneurs under high uncertainty, emotional stress and extreme conditions.

Dean A Shepherd is the Ray and Milann Siegfried Professor of Entrepreneurship, Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA. Originally from Australia, where he graduated as a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Bond University, he has held academic positions at several universities in the USA since 1996, most recently as Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship and Chair of Entrepreneurial Leadership, at Indiana University.

Analyzing the entrepreneurship phenomenon using a psychological perspective has gained increasing interest over the years, and research has generated new and interesting insights into how we can explain and predict entrepreneurship at the individual level. Through the concept of entrepreneurial cognitions, Shepherd has captured the mental processes that underlie entrepreneurial decision-making.

In addition to his pioneering research resulting in groundbreaking scientific publications, Professor Shepherd has made significant contributions to the establishment of entrepreneurship as an academic field, for example by international networking, journal editing and authoring a bestselling textbook on entrepreneurship. He has been a visiting professor at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation group of Luleå University of Technology for almost five years. During this time, he has been acknowledged as a role model, shared his network of internationally leading researchers, initiating and contributing to several high-potential research projects. Professor Dean Shepherd has made important contributions to the research at Luleå University of Technology.