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Photo: SVT
Eva Hamilton, chairperson of the board of Luleå University of Technology. Photo: SVT View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Eva Hamilton new chair of the University board

Published: 24 April 2020

Eva Hamilton, former CEO of SVT, becomes new chairperson of the board of Luleå University of Technology.
– Top priority will be addressing the issue of the properties. There is much to be done there, she says.

Eva Hamilton has had a long career at SVT, as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, head of new and as CEO between 2006 and 2014. She also has experience from a number of board assignments, including at Fortum and IVA's business council. On April 23, the government appointed her new chairman of the board of Luleå University of Technology. She succeeds Eva Nordmark, who in September 2019 became the Swedish Minister for employment.

– It feels great. I have had a lot of contact with Norrbotten over the years; I'm a member of LKAB's board, I have been chairman of Radiotjänst in Kiruna and SVT has an editorial office in Luleå. I am fond of Luleå and its surroundings, says Eva Hamilton.

Innovative and progressive

She plans to make her first visit to Luleå University of Technology in May, but has already begun to address the highest priority issues – like the problems with the premises in Luleå.

– Having an attractive campus and an appealing and inviting environment is very important for a university, and Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn and I will work hard for that. The manner in which the properties have been managed is not approved. That is the biggest overall question for me to start working eith, says Eva Hamilton.

She says she appreciates the innovative power and progressiveness of the younger, less traditional, universities.

– I also find Luleå University of Technology's blend of technology and humanities appealing, she says, adding:

– I have noticed that the number of student applications has increased - it is fantastic to be able to be part of a university that is on the rise. Luleå University of Technology has powerful marketing that demonstrates the unique things one has to offer alongside the studies, not least in terms of outdoor life. I think this offer can be used even more to get students – who have no connection to Norrbotten or Västerbotten – to there. The fact that Luleå University of Technology dares to emphasize its distinctive character is exciting, I think.

"Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced"

Vice-Chancellor Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn looks forward to start cooperating with Eva Hamilton and the other members of the new University board.
– We are very pleased that Eva Hamilton will be our new chairperson. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and has an exciting and broad professional background and a large network of contacts. She is a member of the board of LKAB, and we know that our region is important to her, says Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn.

Here are the external members of the new board of Luleå University of Technology (appointed by the government):
Sara Bjärstorp, Head of department, Malmö University
Pontus de Laval, technology director, former technical manager at Saab
Ann Persson Grivas, Director general of LFV
Markus Gustafsson, Senior advisor, former CEO of Prime
Eva Hamilton (Chairperson), Senior advisor
Mikael Nyström, CEO of Mobilaris
Mikael Ramström, Vice President Epiroc
Åsa Sundqvist, Specialist, LKAB.

New members elected by the teachers at the University are Uday Kumar, Kristina Ek and Roland Larsson. Chairpersons of the student unions and PhD student association at Luleå University of Technology are also members of the board. Chairpersons of the unions, the pro vice-chancellors and the university director have the right to attend and speak.

Luleå University of Technology's former University director Staffan Sarbäck is a new member of Linköping University's board, and Viktoria Mattsson, head of the Innovation Office, of the Board of the Swedish Defense University. Professor Lena Abrahamsson is a member on the board of Blekinge Institute of Technology and adjunct professor Olle Samuelson on the board of Södertörn University.

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