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Festival shows the breadth of the School of Music

Published: 10 February 2020

This week, this year's Midwinter Festival takes place in Piteå. A festival that showcases the best that the Academy of Music at Luleå University of Technology has to offer.

– This is an excellent opportunity to see what is happening behind the walls of the Piteå School of Music, and proof that we can organize a high-quality arrangement run and implemented by local acts, says Mathias Lundkvist, former student and producer for this year's festival .

Organized by students

The Midwinter Festival is a music and cultural festival organized annually by Luleå University of Technology students in Piteå. The festival is non-profit and the concerts and events presented are, with some exceptions, free of charge for visitors. This year's festival offers everything from concerts with Norrbotten's chamber orchestra to clubs and newly written Opera. In almost all cases created and performed by the students themselves. For producer Mathias Lundkvist, it is difficult to find individual highlights during the four-day festival.

– There are so many events that I look forward to attending this year. The concert with the Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra, the Documentary Film Day, a brand new opera, Klubb Kluster with Gigabaros, chamber music concerts and the day concerts. There is too much good this year! It will probably be a four-day highlight for me.

Program characterized by diversity

Mathias Lundkvist experiences this year's program as genuinely broad with something for everybody

– My initial idea with the program was diversity. I want to show that there is a large and wide range of cultural activities in Piteå.

Why do you think one should visit the Midwinter Festival?

– Because it's so easy. Free admission to all student concerts gives you the opportunity to try out what you like in music. You have the opportunity to explore what you like, or don't like.