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In the media: At the home of architect Josefina Nordmark

Published: 2 April 2020

Not far south of the Arctic Circle in southern Norrbotten are three chain houses in the forest edge. The architect Josefina Nordmark from Luleå can design houses that can withstand harsh winters and lots of snow.

She is passionate about long-term perspectives and sustainability. Carefully, she puts the well-being of people at the center when she draws homes for others and she draws inspiration from the pine forest as she paints and searches for materials. Recently, her office has designed a new landmark in Piteå, a whole block of rental apartments of different color and height. So now there is no housing shortage in Piteå anymore.

Josefina Nordmark

Josefina Nordmark, Adjunct Professor

Organisation: Architecture, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering