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Innovation day with a focus on entrepreneurship and development

Published: 12 November 2020

This year's edition of Innovation Day was held as a digital event on the theme of entrepreneurial leadership, changing business models and how innovative ecosystems contribute to creating an attractive region.

The speakers offered insights from research and told about good examples of companies that have innovated their business model in a changing time.
- The importance of companies' capacity to develop and adapt their business model is becoming increasingly important for continued growth at a time when society is changing rapidly, said Johanna Carlsson, project coordinator for NorrlandsNavet – center for business development in northern Sweden, which hosted Innovation Day.

Entrepreneurship that drives development

Mats Westerberg, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology, spoke about the ability of entrepreneurial individuals to create value by developing and constantly absorbing new knowledge. In research on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial competence is defined by the acronym MOSAIK, which stands for courage, uncertainty management, cooperation, responsibility, initiative and creativity.
- With these skills, you get the drive to act and see new opportunities that lead to development and value creation, said Mats Westerberg.

David Sjödin is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology and spoke about how to succeed with business model innovation.
- Central is the customer focus and the importance of delivering solutions that solve the customer's problems and thereby create value, as well as adapting their own organization and its partnership to be able to achieve change, said David Sjödin.

Innovation for an attractive region

Per-Erik Andersson, strategist at the Norrbotten Region, spoke about innovative ecosystems that create an attractive region.
- We need to continue to collaborate and collaborate with other regions and countries as well as to stimulate investments in research, development and innovations to create increased, sustainable growth. Working across borders in different areas and sectors improves the opportunities for new innovative companies, said Per Erik Andersson.

Changed business model gave new customers

Josefin Nilsson and Niklas Bodin together run the ACTAS group, which has innovated its business model. From the beginning, the company focused on CE marking and certification, primarily for companies in the basic industry. The new company ACTAS Space was formed after the founders saw great potential to also be able to deliver expertise and consulting support to companies in the growing space industry.
- Our goal is to create synergy effects between the basic industry and the growing space industry, said Josefin Nilsson.

The university as an engine of innovation

Viktoria Mattsson, Head of Collaboration, External Finance and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, described the university's role as an innovation engine and told about some of the collaboration projects that the university runs or is involved in, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Meeting Place Social Innovation, NorrlandsNavet and LTU Professional Education.

Inspiration to dare to think big

The day was rounded off by Eric Thyrell, nominated for Speaker of the Year 2019, who gave an inspiring and humorous lecture on daring to think new, find his inner glow and the courage to face change in challenging times.