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The new university library has opened

Published: 22 June 2020

The University Library at Luleå University of Technology is ready after the rebuild and has opened. The University Library in Luleå is regarded as one of the most modern research libraries in Sweden.

– With the physical environment in the new university library we are clearly at the forefront as a research library in Swede, with educational learning environments with presentation studio, makerspace and active learning classroom (ALC), modern technology and research square,  Kristoffer Palage, says, Head of University Library at Luleå University of Technology.

The new library has 615 seats. At least half of the seats are classic study places and consist of traditional table and chair with possibility to connect computer and charge mobile. This opportunity increases enormously in the new premises. New and modern have been combined with the recycled in terms of style, material and expression.

– As Vice-Chancellor of the University, I am of course extremely pleased that the university library is now ready and that our students thus have access to so many new, modern and varied study places. The library is a hub at our university, for students, researchers, teachers and other staff. It is a symbolic and functional place to search, obtain and disseminate new knowledge with the good help of our knowledgeable librarians, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, says, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

The library includes:

  • Two studios, one for visualization and creation, one for practicing and developing presentation techniques.
  • The Research Square, a meeting place where theses are nailed and also a place with opportunities to make visible and conduct dialogue about research and the research process
  • Active Learning Classroom, a bookable smaller classroom with technology and furnishings that enables student active pedagogy
  • Self-help area, here the visitor can handle most of his loan business himself, get a loan account, change a pin code, pay a delay fee, get a reserved book, search the map where on the shelves the book stands, borrow, return.

Extensive work has been done to organize the refurbishment of the university library and to be able to have the library services open, despite the refurbishment. Over 220,000 books have been relocated and sorted into more than 4,000 shelves and brand new locations in the library in connection with the rebuild.

However, the library has the same number of books and magazines digitally. For many, the library may be synonymous with the library room itself, but the university library is more than that, not least through the digital library that has revolutionized access to library services. It is also part of the university's vision, through digitalisation and new technology, to promote innovative knowledge environments - and to promote efficient and accessible service functions.

The new university library is officially inaugurated digital on September 10.

Kristoffer Palage

Kristoffer Palage, Head of Unit

Phone: +46 (0)920 492890
Organisation: University Library, Professional Support