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Great interest in NorrlandsNavet's workshop

Published: 8 September 2020

It was a successful start-up for NorrlandsNavet, which attracted over 50 people to the initiative's first event - a digital workshop. Participants were representatives from small and medium-sized companies in Norrland, but also researchers, business promoters and municipal representatives.

The day was started by Viktoria Mattsson, Head of Collaboration, External Financing and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, who spoke about NorrlandsNavet and the great potential the investment entails.
- Out goal is to create genuine exchange of knowledge and learning, said Viktoria Mattsson. NorrlandsNavet's ambition is to strengthen companies through research and education.

- Small and medium-sized companies can collaborate with students and researchers, and take part in educational initiatives to develop their business, said Johanna Carlsson, coordinator for NorrlandsNavet. She describes the day as a successful start-up with companies and stakeholders.
- We have started a dialogue and listened to the companies needs, challenges and opportunities, said Johanna Carlsson.

During the workshop, Vinit Parida, scientific leader of NorrlandsNavet, presented the four themes that will initially form the basis for the collaboration between small and medium-sized companies in Norrland and Luleå University of Technology. The themes aim to support both innovation and growth within the various ecosystems in northern Sweden.
- The themes are growing and innovative companies, small and medium-sized companies in northern Sweden's industrial ecosystem, smart and attractive region as well as lifelong learning and digitalisation. We need to actively and continuously capture the companies needs in order to be able to develop together and strengthen competitiveness, said Vinit Parida.

Good examples of development

Sofie Elving, CEO of the company Substorm, confirmed the importance of developing together and testifies to a fantastic journey where her company went from newly started to ten employees within a year.
- Through research collaboration, everyone within the company, both management and employees, has gained new perspectives and we have changed our entire business model. It has given positive results for the company's development, said Sofie Elving.

Another participant was Nicklas Berglund from the company Berco who described how the company reversed a negative trend.
- Through education, we have succeeded in developing our somewhat outdated family business from negative results to growth, Nicklas Berglund said.

Thomas Lindgren, representative from the company TNTX, shared his experiences about how student collaboration exceeded his expectations and how much value the company gained from the collaboration.
- Among other things, the students developed a matrix that showed how we are in the market and what we can do better. For us, this was a really successful collaboration. It was a "perfect match" between the company and the students and I really hope that we will continue our contact in the future, said Thomas Lindgren.

Satisfied participants

The workshop created engagement and interaction with the participants via the digital meeting service Zoom. The day ended with the companies discussing current challenges and needs in the short and long term.
- It felt very well structured and well organized. By actively interacting with both the speakers but also with each other, relationships are created, built and developed, was the summary from one of the participants.

Contact persons

Vinit Parida

Vinit Parida, Professor and Head of Subject

Phone: +46 (0)920 492469
Organisation: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts