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Photo: Katarina Karlsson
Marita Holst, Project Manager at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Coordination assignment to Luleå University of Technology

Published: 12 November 2020

Luleå University of Technology has been commissioned to coordinate knowledge transfer and collaboration between the country's higher education institutions within the so-called K3-projects.

The knowledge triangle, or K3 projects, consist of 17 Vinnova-funded projects whose overall goal is to strengthen the collaboration capacity at the country's higher education institutions.

The work of coordinating the project portfolio has previously been led by Stockholm University, but now Luleå University of Technology takes over. The assignment includes facilitating information exchange and learning, coordinating activities and disseminating results from the 17 projects.

– It is a strategically important assignment as large resources have long been invested in strengthening the higher education institutions' collaboration capacity through a number of government decisions and assignments. We will continue the work by making results available, but also by ensuring that we can continue to enable collaboration between the higher education institutions in networks and exchanges of experience in order to continue to strengthen the collaboration capacity. Luleå University of Technology has long experience of collaboration, says project manager Marita Holst.

A core mission

She emphasizes that collaborations with the surrounding society, in addition to education and research, is a core mission for higher education institutions.

– It is essential that we can ensure continued work with the collaboration capacity at the higher education institutions even after this project has been completed.

A sub-project within K3 is MerSam (Merit value of collaboration skills), where it is studied how collaboration skills are written out and assessed at higher education institutions in Sweden. The project also includes an international perspective to get an idea of how foreign universities work with the issue.

– The overall purpose of MerSam is to bring in the collaboration perspective when meriting academics, says Marita Holst.

Webinars and final conference

The new coordination assignment also involves LTU Business, with reworking the K3K web, conducting a number of webinars and planning and conducting a final conference. The continuity of the project is achieved by the national coordinators Ewa Klasson Wehler and Petra Norling continuing their assignments under Luleå University of Technology's project management.

Marita Holst

Marita Holst, Head of Unit

Phone: +46 (0)920 492289
Organisation: VSS-SSR, Professional Support