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Advertising portal will simplify the start-up of new collaborations

Published: 26 October 2021

Luleå University of Technology has launched a new advertising portal where companies and organizations can get in touch with researchers, teachers and students at universities to start several different types of collaborations.

On the new Ad Portal, organizations can advertise when they want university help to solve challenges in their business or, for example, when they are looking for interns. The portal will also be used by students, researchers, teachers at the university when they are looking for partners for degree jobs, trainee services, project courses, research and more.

- It should be natural and easy to start new collaborations with Luleå University of Technology. With the advertising portal, we are building a stronger bridge to society. Our students and researchers find it easier to find real activities and challenges for their education and research, while we contribute with more valuable perspectives and initiatives that develop society and business, says Hanna Blomster, main project manager Collaboration for innovation and regional growth (SIRT).

Intended for everyone

Both large and small companies are welcome to advertise. One of the companies that has collaborated with the university for a long time but sees even greater opportunities to get closer to researchers and students is SSAB.

- Our collaboration with the university extends over several areas, not least in research, guest lectures, degree projects and study visits. We are a large employer who has the privilege of receiving many talented students for both summer jobs during their studies and an extremely exciting career after graduation, says Agneta Ekman, HR partner at SSAB.

If you have any questions, please contact

Hanna Blomster

Hanna Blomster, Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0)920 491834
Organisation: VSS-SSR, Professional Support

The project "Collaboration for innovation and regional growth" (SIRT) 2018-2021 and is run by Luleå University of Technology with LTU Business as a partner and funded by the EU / ERDF, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Norrbotten Region, Skellefteå Municipality and Luleå University of Technology.