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Victoria Vetstin och Ann-Sofie Funck
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Covid nurses are afraid of infecting others

Published: 5 February 2021

Nurses who work with patients who have Covid-19 or other infectious diseases have a fear of infecting others. It shows a degree project that the students Ann-Sofie Funck and Victoria Vestin did at the Nursing Programme, Luleå University of Technology.
- It was named the best degree project and it feels like a good reward, they say.

Every semester, when the students in the nursing program complete their education, the best degree project is chosen. Most recently, it was the work with the title "Nurses' experiences of caring for patients with infectious diseases who need isolation care in hospitals".

Infectious diseases

The purpose of the study was to compile knowledge about nurses' experiences of caring for patients with infectious diseases who need isolation care in hospitals
– It was mainly about patients with covid-19 and the swine flu, when the swine flu was classified as dangerous to general, say Ann-Sofie Funck and Victoria Vestin, who have just finished their education at Luleå University of Technology.

They wanted to write about infectious diseases and isolation care.
– We chose to write from the nurse perspective, says Ann-Sofie Funck.
They also saw that there was already a lot written about patients 'experiences and not so much about the nurses' experiences.
– It turned out that the nurses had a great concern about infecting others, parents and children, but also colleagues and patients, says Viktoria Vestin.

Avoid toilet visits

It also emerged that there was not enough protective equipment and that the nurses stated that they had not received training in how to use it.
- They also felt exhausted and powerless. What was clear and strong was that they went for several hours without drinking and eating to avoid going to the toilet due to the workload and that they could not leave the patients. They would also save on protective equipment, says Ann-Sofie Funck.
The fact that it is cumbersome to take off and on the protective equipment was also a contributing factor.
- We have done literature studies where we collected scientific articles. Most are written in Asia, because they were ahead of us in the spread of Covid-19 and we started work in the autumn, says Ann-Sofie Funck.

More frequent replacement here

They state that there are differences between covid care in Asia and here in Sweden.
- We have heard that they replace each other more often here.
A part of the motivation for the prize is : “The degree project is current, well-written, independently completed and maintains a very good scientific level. The conclusion is that nurses need training and support as well as time for recovery to be able to work patient-safe and at the same time protect their own health ”.
- We were happy and surprised. It felt like we got confirmation of ten weeks of hard work, says Ann-Sofie Funck and Victoria Vestin.
Now both have got work at Sunderby Hospital Ann-Sofie Funck in the medical emergency department and Victoria Vestin in the vascular surgery.