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Celebrates the 1-year anniversary of the CH2ESS hydrogen initiative

Published: 25 May 2022

Luleå University of Technology's hydrogen initiative CH2ESS celebrates one year in the service of hydrogen. On 18 May last year, the initiative was launched, which since the start has aroused great national and international interest. The 1st anniversary was celebrated with a workshop at the university together with industry partners and other actors to prioritize important initiatives in education and research against hydrogen.

"It is so great to gather several different actors who work to support the implementation of hydrogen in the north, and to feel that we create joint strength to more quickly implement important skills development and research in the hydrogen area. The CH2ESS hydrogen initiative is already one year, so it was extra fun to surprise our workshop participants with cake during the day", Cecilia Wallmark says, Director of CH2ESS at Luleå University of Technology.

Width of participants

Participants in the workshop ( see photos above) were researchers from Luleå University of Technology and participants from SSAB, H2 Green Steel, PIKAB, Luleå Energi, Region Norrbotten, Lapland Learning Center, Boden Business Agency, Gällivare Näringsliv AB, CGI, Lapland Municipal Association, LTU Business, Lapland Learning Centers, IUC North, Swerim, Kommunalförbundet Akademi Norr and Piteå municipality.

H2 Green Steel was one of those who lectured during the day.

"This workshop is a great opportunity to meet the people who can help us on the journey that we have, and to get inspired", Carlos Bernuy Lopez says, at H2 Green Steel.

Focus on education and research in hydrogen

The investments of more than SEK 1,000 billion will be made in the coming decades in industries in northern Sweden. Many of the investments are dependent on hydrogen and hydrogen technology. Here, in one of the world's hottest regions in terms of hydrogen, investments needs to be supplemented with knowledge and new research. That was the background to the workshop. CH2ESS and municipalities will now use the results of the workshop as a basis for planning new education and for further development of research initiatives within CH2ESS in collaboration with companies and organizations. The intention is to invite more similar discussions within CH2ESS in the future.

"It was very open-minded discussions and I liked that. This gives me personal contacts, but also the oportunity to get involved in the plan on how we will start working for competence supply in the field of hydrogen. We must act now and it feels good that there is a will and understanding for everyone, Karin Gebing says, education developer in Piteå municipality.

"We talked a lot about what opportunities there are in the region around hydrogen and what we could do so that society as a whole understands it, and not just politicians", Tomas Hirsch says, SSAB.

Some conclusions of the workshop

One of the things that was strengthened in the conversations during the workshop, is that there is a need for a breadth of competence development when it comes to hydrogen. The university has begun to review how new courses can be designed. The importance of education in energy issues and hydrogen before high school was as well a topic for discussion.

In terms of research, some of the areas discussed are to investigate how to achieve security of supply for and through the initiatives made in northern Sweden with regard to the green transition, to study industrial symbiosis (that industries can benefit from each other's residual products in their own processes) skills needs, bio-based hydrogen production, how to recover heat from their processes, how to use oxygen that becomes a residual product in hydrogen production and also questions about, for example electricity needs and quality.

One year since the start of CH2ESS

"It has been a fantastic first year with our hydrogen initiative CH2ESS, which has generated an arousing great interest in Sweden and internationally. We have so many exciting activities and projects going on and it is a fact, that we will be able to contribute with new cutting- edge knowledge and insights in the field of hydrogen ", Joakim Lundgren says, Deputy Director of CH2ESS.

There will be continued workshops on education and research in the future with the opportunity to participate for those interested.