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Malin Malmström gave an introductory speech at Sweden's first women's parliament. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Malin Malmström gave an introductory speech at Sweden's first women's parliament

Published: 15 June 2022

Malin Malmström, professor at Luleå University of Technology, was one of the keynote speakers at Sweden's first women's parliament. The meeting, which brought together Speakers, members of the Riksdag, members from several of Sweden's women's organisations and representatives from the authorities and the business community, had a special focus on economic equality and women's entrepreneurship.

“We know from extensive research that corporate finance is not available in a gender-neutral way, neither in scope nor in terms, and we know that this is to the detriment of women and to the advantage of men.”

In her speech, she explained that male-dominated industries, ie industries where most men work, receive the most funding, industries with an even gender distribution the second most funding, and to the least extent, female-dominated industries receive funding. The approval rate is also systematically highest in male-dominated industries and lowest in female-dominated industries. At the company level, ie financing for entrepreneurial women and men, men receive more financing than women in all industries.

Women-dominated industries need funding

“Without funding, it is difficult for women-dominated industries and women's entrepreneurship to be renewed, improved, or made more efficient. It also affects profitability margins, growth opportunities and women's income. Therefore, a rethink is needed from the beginning about who, what and where stands for potential for innovation and growth for public funding - from job description to distribution of funds”, said Malin Malmström.

During the day, women's labor market and entrepreneurship as well as women's role in the green transition were discussed with representatives from authorities, Sweden's women's organizations and the research community. A panel consisting of female members of parliament from all parliamentary parties provided a political perspective on the issue of economic equality and women's entrepreneurship.

Speakers during the day were, in addition to Malin Malmström, Minister of Trade and Industry Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, First Speaker of Parliment Åsa Lindestam and Britt-Marie S Torstensson, Chairman of Winnet Sweden.

Kvinnoriksdagen was held on 19 and 20 May. The Women's Parliament was arranged by the Speakers of the Riksdag in collaboration with Winnet Sweden and Sweden's women's organizations in order to put focus on women's perspective in the ongoing green transition and rural development.


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