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Thomas Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn, Professor of Atmospheric science. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Thomas Kuhn, Professor of Atmospheric Science

Published: 10 November 2021

When Thomas Kuhn studied aerosols in the early 2000s, focusing on air association and health effects, he did not know that he would later pursue atmospheric science. But his interest in studying small particles took him to Canada's Arctic climate, where he was allowed to combine field work in exotic locations with laboratory experiments. Today, his images of snow and ice particles in clouds contribute to improving both climate models and weather forecasts.

Clouds play a major role in the climate and temperature as they can warm the earth by blocking the outgoing heat radiation, or have a cooling effect by preventing incoming sunlight. Thomas Kuhn has developed an instrument that is sent up into the atmosphere with a balloon to collect ice crystals and take pictures of them in the cloud. Together with an instrument used from the ground, he can collect detailed data that provide important information about the crystals' properties, shape and size. He is currently working in a study together with SMHI where their radar measurements of snowfall will be combined with his detailed images of snow. The purpose is to improve the radar's ability to measure snowfall. This is important for both terrestrial and satellite radar as their data are included in weather forecasts and climate calculations.

Thomas Kuhn, born in 1970 in Freiburg, Germany, defended his dissertation in 2003 at the University of Hertfordshire, which dealt with measurement methods for aerosols. In 2017, he received the Technology Union's award for praiseworthy supervisor contributions in the doctoral program at Luleå University of Technology, something he is extra proud of during his career. He likes to spend his free time cooking and baking, but also woodcraft.

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Thomas Kuhn

Thomas Kuhn, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)980 67538
Organisation: Atmospheric science, Space Technology, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering