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Susanne Westman och Erik Elfgren
Susanne Westman and Erik Elfgren have been appointed excellent teachers. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

They have been appointed Distinguished University Teachers

Published: 10 November 2021

At the end of September, the first Distinguished University Teachers and qualified teachers at Luleå University of Technology were appointed. A total of 18 people have been awarded the awards. The teachers have had the opportunity to make an application and then it is the Vice-Chancellor who has made the decision. Two of those who have received an appointment are Susanne Westman and Erik Elfgren.

According to the "Guidelines for pedagogical merit", the Vice-Chancellor shall, on the recommendation of the pedagogical committee, appoint Distinguished University Teacher and Recognized University Teacher.
Two of those who have been appointed are Susanne Westman, senior lecturer in pedagogy and Erik Elfgren, senior lecturer, energy technology, who have both been appointed excellent teachers.

Susanne Westman has taught in teacher education, at a basic and advanced level. She is also one of the directors of the graduate school PROFS, at the Department HLT.
"It feels fun to have received the award Distinguished University Teacher and that the pedagogical work is made visible. I hope to continue to be a sparring partner in the dialogue on challenging pedagogical issues and design for learning in higher education", says Susanne Westman.

Significance for student learning

She believes that within the academy, the focus has often been on the content.
"Of course, the content is central in relation to the goals, but the teaching methods, working methods and examination methods we choose are of great importance for students' learning", she says

It is not only the content of the teaching that rests on a scientific basis but also the pedagogy and didactics that support the learning, she emphasizes.
"The appointment means for me a confirmation that pedagogical development is important, at the same time as it can also create a greater confidence in my competence in the area. I also want to encourage other teachers at the university to apply for merit. This shows the quality we have in our educations and that we as a university value pedagogical issues and want to see development for increased learning", says Susanne Westman.

Spreads experiences

Erik Elfgren, senior lecturer in energy technology, works with pedagogical seminars and discussions at his own department, TVM. They are, among other things, about alternative forms of examination, about how syllabus can be improved and clarified.
"Next, we will talk about how we handle recorded lectures in a wise way", he says.

Erik Elfgren believes that what characterizes a Distinguished University Teacher is a teacher with broad pedagogical experience, who spreads it to his colleagues, both locally and externally.
"There are many questions that a Distinguished University Teacher can work with. Everything related to the development of education, both at course, program and university level. Together with the main Faculty Programme Director Niklas Lehto, I have just called our Faculty Programme Directors together for a day to talk about program development and program evaluation. I am also working on developing our dissertation course to become a little more structured, with elements of report writing and sustainability goals".

Erik Elfgren applied for Distinguished University Teacher to get a "receipt" for his commitment to education and teaching. He hopes that more people will be inspired to develop their pedagogical skills now that this opportunity exists.


Vice-Chancellor`s decision

The principal has decided to appoint Distinguished University Teacher:

Åsa Wikberg Nilsson, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
Lena Manderstedt, assistant professor, Swedish with a didactic focus
Birgitta Lindberg, assistant professor, nursing
Kåre Synnes, professor, distributed computer systems
Erik Elfgren, senior lecturer, energy technology
Susanne Westman, Associate Professor of Education
Phillip Tretten, Assistant Professor of Operations and Maintenance Engineering
Peter Törlind, Assistant Professor, Product Innovation
Ulrika Bergmark, professor of pedagogy

to appoint a Recognized University Teacher:

Björn Hällis, senior lecturer in musical design
Karolina Parding, Professor of Work Science
Inger Jacobsson, associate professor of physiotherapy
Josef Hallberg, assistant professor, distributed computer systems
Ali Ismail Awad, Assistant Professor, Information System
Olle Hage, Associate Professor of Economics
Niklas Lehto, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics
Sebastian Gabrielsson, senior lecturer in nursing
Thomas Johannesson, Assistant Professor of Sound Technology