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Luleå Pride 2022

LTU at Luleå Pride

Luleå Pride takes place between 15–21 August and Luleå University of Technology is a proud partner of this. The university will be on site on the 19th and 20th of August with its own stand in the city park. We are also participating in the Pride Parade on August 20th at 3:00 PM starting in the city park, and we invite you to join us as we walk in the Pride Parade!

Why is it so important that we as employers are present at Luleå Pride? This is what Jennie Hägg Wilhelmsson , department head student, says.

- For Luleå University of Technology, it is important to make LGBTQ issues visible and show that homosexuals, bisexuals, trans and queer people and the gender expressions that exist within the LGBTQ movement obviously have a free zone at the university and that it should also be a matter of course in the whole society .

- During the spring, we have trained sections and staff members on leadership linked to equal treatment, the importance of equality, diversity and equal treatment, and provided tools on how we can work to prevent discrimination and harassment. During the trainings, we went through the "Safe at LTU" website, where we collected important information so that students know how it works, for example, to report harassment or discrimination and how we can support students who feel that they have been exposed. We have started development work around the NSI (Satisfied Student Index) where LTU, among other things, captures whether students have been exposed to any of the various grounds of discrimination, the hope is to increase the number of respondents so that LTU has the basis to make a proper analysis of the results and then can take action/suggest areas for improvement. In the phösar training, we have also had lectures on discrimination and harassment and we will have two features on the subject in the welcome period HT 2022.


- Elements of the phösar training included preventive measures in alcohol, addiction and drugs. Elements of equality, diversity, role models and team development were also carried out. The student department coordinates and finances elements of the welcome period HT 2022 such as a lecture by the girl's emergency and the lecturer Linnea Claesson who comes and talks about how we raise awareness of sexual harassment, online hate, civil courage and humanity. Many within the university's service functions have also participated in a lecture by RFSL about LGBTQI and treatment, concludes Jennie Hägg Wilhelmsson

Margaretha Ring-Groth is Head of Department at TVM and is passionate about us as a university getting involved in Luleå Pride.

- For me, it's a combination of it's the right thing to do, both as a social actor in a democracy and as a large employer in Luleå and Norrbotten. It is also an obvious stance as part of being able to attract talent to universities, both in terms of students and researchers. Welcoming and inclusive environments attract more talent across the board and become more successful in terms of innovation, which is where we want to be. In the green transition that we are facing, we need everyone who wants to be here.

- Then, to borrow a few words from one of my subject representatives: a university with its own Rainbow Hall is self-written here.

In addition to the stand and participation in the pride parade, the university will fly the pride flag throughout pride week on our university campus in Luleå and in all our digital channels.

Gender Contact Point

The Gender Contact Point (GCP) contributes to stronger interaction between universities, business and other social actors through an innovative collaborative environment within practical gender mainstreaming.

Equal treatment for students

By law, the university has an obligation to work in a targeted manner to promote the equal rights of students. In addition, every year the university must draw up a plan with measures that prevent and prevent anyone being exposed to violations. The university has an obligation to investigate the circumstances surrounding harassment and take measures to prevent such. The law also states that the university may not subject anyone who reports harassment to reprisals of any kind.

Students studying in the B-house Photo: Petra Älvstrand
Sustainability Policy

Luleå University of Technology must be a forerunner in the work for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community development. With our innovative educations and ground-breaking research results, we will create global social benefit. This means that sustainable development must be a natural and integrated part of our educations, our research and collaboration with the surrounding society as well as in our own operations.