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10:30 23 Mar
The legal process between Girjas Sami village and the Swedish state was going on for over ten years. Photo: Mostphotos View original picture , opens in new tab/window

CANCELLED: Girjas Seminar: Historic land use – The role of the state and the Courts

23 Mar. 2020, 10:30 - 16:00
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus
Published: 5 February 2020

This seminar is cancelled until further notice.

The seminar highlights the significance of historical sources and legal concepts and their interpretation in the case between the state and Girjas' Sami village on hunting and fishing rights. The seminar also addresses the consequences of the Girjas verdict. No registration is required, the seminar is open to the public.

Preliminary program

10.30-10.45 Welcome to the seminar, Kjell Å Modéer (Visiting Professor in Law at Luleå University of Technology) and Christina Allard (Associate Professor in Law at Luleå University of Technology) (moderators)

Upstage and background to the goal
10.45-11.00  Malin Brännström (postdoc, Umeå University): The reason for the atmosphere and which way to choose
11.00-11.15 Peter Danowsky (attorney, lawyer): The procedure and the process
15 min questions / discussion

The contents of the judgment
11.30-12.00 Sten Andersson (Supreme Court Justice, Judge): The course of the case, the procedural conditions and the content of the verdict
10 min questions / discussion

12.10-13.00 LUNCH BRAKE (no free lunch)

Historical knowledge and reasoning, Sami culture
13.00-13.15 Lars Östlund (Professor of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences): The historical Sami natural resource utilisation in the area of Girja
13.15-13.30  Patrik Lantto (professor of history, Umeå University): Historical research on Sami and source criticism
15 min questions / discussion

The consequences of the verdict
13.45-14.00  Matti Berg (Chairman of Girja Sami Village): A sustainable Sami lease system
14.00-14.15 Kaisa Raitio (Associate Professor, Political Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences): Girjasdom from a conflict perspective: threats, hatred and the democratic conversation
15 min questions / discussion

14.30-14.45 COFFEE / TEA

Current legislative measures concerning the Sami population
15.00-15.10  Sandra Fogelberg (Political expert of Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind): Ongoing in the Ministry
10 min questions / discussion

What is the role of the state? What is the role of the courts?
15.20-15.50 Panel discussion: Jenny Wik Karlsson (head of business / federal lawyer, Svenska Samernas Riksförbund) / Matti Berg (Girja's Sami Village), Peter Danowsky (lawyer), Kaisa Raitio (political scientist)


The seminar is aimed at an interested public as well as authorities and researchers working on natural resource / land use issues with connection to reindeer husbandry's traditional lands. The event will not be recorded or streamed.

Christina Allard

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