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Stefan Nordmark och Peter Nilsson, Smart recycling
Stefan Nordmark, CEO of Smart-Recycling and Peter Nilsson, recently graduated from the MSc program with a specialization in marketing at Luleå University of Technology and KTP-project manager. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Smart-Recycling is investing through the project KTP

Published: 3 July 2020

Smart-Recycling expands and hires a newly graduated academic who, in collaboration with the academic coach, business coach and process leader, will strengthen the company's development work. The investment is made within KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships), a project for the exchange of knowledge between academia and business in which Luleå University of Technology participates.

The project is based on a well-proven British model where a newly graduated academic gets a strategic development assignment in a company for about a year. The KTP project manager's salary is half funded with project funds and half by participating companies.

In an expansive phase

Smart-Recycling has developed a system of advanced algorithms that reads the amount of contents in containers and other recycling containers using ultrasonic sensors, and foresees when they need to be emptied. In this way, unnecessary transport is avoided, with increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The company is now investing in increased growth, despite Coronatids, and will be the first to hire a newly graduated academic through the KTP project at Luleå University of Technology.
- If you want to develop as a company, you have to dare to test new ways of working. KTP suits us because we are entering an expansive phase and need to strengthen the organization with additional expertise, says Stefan Nordmark, CEO of Smart-Recycling.

Enthusiasts for sustainability and IoT

Peter Nilsson, newly graduated student from the MSc program with a specialization in marketing at Luleå University of Technology is delighted with the flying start his career gained in the role of KTP project manager.
- I will develop market strategies, do segmentation of customers, keep in touch with prospects and of course also market the product. This fits me perfectly because my goal has always been to work with sustainability and IoT. The organization is small, but the company has developed a strong product that is increasingly in demand. It will be exciting to be on this trip, Peter says.

Safe start in troubled time
In his role as KTP project manager, Peter has the support of an academic coach, Wiebke Reim, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology and Kristiina Starck Enman professional business coach, IUC Norr.
- I get a safe and good start in working life with backup of supervisors from both the university and business. Of course, it feels good to go directly from education to employment in times when many unfortunately have been notified as a result of the Corona crisis, says Peter.

First case started
Marita Holst, project manager for KTP at Luleå University of Technology's innovation office, sees great opportunities for the university to practically test and learn how to work according to a concept of qualified exchange of knowledge between academia and business.
- It is exciting that the first case in the project is now underway. In the future, we will be able to work on a larger scale according to this model, says Marita, adding:
- By collaborating and combining knowledge exchange, regional development and an improved environment, everyone wins: academia, business, newly graduated academics and the region. The project also creates new opportunities for continued collaboration between the companies and the university.

Contact person KTP

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