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Degree projects

A degree project is done as a final project in an education and the results are often presented in report form. In addition to proposing solutions to a specific problem, the student can contribute with new ideas and perspectives that can be used in the business. Collaborating with a student is also an effective way to recruit highly educated employees.

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What is required of the client?

The client formulates an issue or a challenge together with the Collaboration Coordinator and the relevant subject representative. This is done so that the student's assignment will live up to the academic requirements that exist for a degree project. The client must appoint a supervisor who during the work has an ongoing dialogue with the student. The supervisor answers the student's questions and provides feedback on the results. The student also has a supervisor at the university who follows and supports the work.

How long will it take?

The length of degree projects varies but includes 10-20 weeks of work depending on the programme.

What does it cost?

The degree project is part of the studies and there are no requirements for it to be done with compensation, but for some programmes it is customary to compensate students for their work. Remuneration, salary or fee is a matter between you and the student that is not regulated by the university.