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Corporate Social Responsibility

Published: 4 May 2021

Learn more about sustainable business (CSR) and what you and your organization can do to contribute to sustainable development.

About the course

As global warming and other sustainability problems become increasingly acute, the outside world's demands on companies and other organizations increase. This is the education for you who want to learn more about what sustainable business (CSR) means and what you and your organization can do to take increased responsibility and contribute to sustainable development. The course qualifies you for 7.5 higher education credits.


The first half of the course is more theoretical and aims to give course participants a scientific basis for CSR. Later in the course, the content is more applied and here is given the opportunity to perform elements that can be practically applied by the own organization.

The course elements include i.a. background to and the emergence of CSR, important concepts, driving forces for CSR, codes of conduct, stakeholder and materiality analysis, main and sub-areas according to the CSR standard ISO 26000, improvement in relation to the UN Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and sustainability audit of suppliers.


Thomas Zobel is Professor of Environmental Management at Luleå University of Technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in company-relevant environmental and sustainability issues as a researcher and teacher and a background as environmental and sustainability manager in the automotive industry. With the help of references to state-of-the-art in research, own experiences and active discussions, Thomas guides the participants through theoretical and applied course elements.




Thomas Zobel

Thomas Zobel, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492134
Organisation: Quality Technology and Logistics, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts