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Leda lärande för hållbar utveckling för skolledare
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Lead learning for sustainable development for school leaders

Published: 15 March 2022

The course is primarily aimed at those who work as school leaders in the school system. Continuing education explores both practical and theoretical aspects of the principal's pedagogical and organizational leadership and focuses on the principal's ability to analyze, lead and develop his activities in relation to sustainable development.

About the course

Among other things, you get the opportunity to train your ability to map and critically examine educational activities regarding learning for sustainable development, but also to reflect on and critically examine your own leadership, your norms and values regarding sustainable development, as well as your own business development, to be credible. lead learning for sustainable development.

In the education, you will also deepen your knowledge of important didactic approaches which are successful in achieving a good understanding of sustainable development in a holistic perspective. In addition to inspiring and problematizing lectures and group discussions, you get a chance to exchange experiences and network in groups. You will also meet researchers from LTU and guest lecturers from, among others, the Global School.

The purpose of the course is to create conditions for learning and exchange of experience around leading learning for sustainable development, which means that:

  • support long-term change management so that the work with Learning for Sustainable Development permeates the entire business.
  • support the development of the organization's organization and processes to enable cooperation and participation in the work with sustainable development.
  • preschools and schools to be able to stimulate children and students' participation in teaching for sustainable development.


Maria Svensson, Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 491430
Organisation: Education, Education and Languages, Department of Health, Education and Technology
Gunnar Jonsson

Gunnar Jonsson, Associate Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491532
Organisation: Education, Education and Languages, Department of Health, Education and Technology