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Scientific Computing with applications in Tribology

Published: 27 January 2021

About the course

This is an open online course (OOC) with video lectures, quizzes and assignments where you get insight into modeling and simulation of tribological processes under the following three topics:

  • Contact mechanics
  • Flows in thin films
  • Multiphysics problems in lubrication
After completing the course you will:
  • Understand the basics of contact mechanics and lubrication theory and have knowledge of numerical techniques such as LCP, FFT, FDM
  • Be able to use common models and simulation methods for the development of tribological applications
  • Be able to assess accuracy and precision in simulation methods
  • Be able to implement standard models for numerical simulation of tribological processes
  • Understand and use the concepts of verification and validation in connection with scientific calculations


Two different types of implementation are offered;

1. Tutorials based on video recordings, course compendium and completely quiz-based examination. The work effort corresponds to 2 weeks of full-time studies.

2. As 1. As well as the implementation of three assignments where self-developed calculation methods with associated technical reports are examined through a peer-review procedure. The work corresponds to 5 weeks of full-time studies and ends with an oral examination.