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evidensbaserad psykoterapi

Evidence-based psychotherapy 45 credits

Published: 16 February 2022

There is a great need for psychotherapeutic knowledge to prevent and treat mental illness in Sweden. The Contract Education provides basic theoretical skills in psychotherapeutic treatment with a focus on evidence-based psychotherapy.

About the Contract Education

The participant is given the opportunity to acquire basic competence in conducting psychotherapy under supervision, provided that the participant, on their own, supplemented with their own educational psychotherapy and educational supervision. The training can also be seen as a basis, as far as the theoretical part is concerned, for applying to the extension training Psychotherapist program (90 credits) which is the basis for issuing psychotherapist credentials. As a training participant, you broaden your skills and get the conditions to develop your career and tools to be able to contribute to solving an urgent situation in society.


The Contract Education is daytime at a distance over three semesters. The teaching includes independent studies in combination with lectures, seminars, workshops and group exercises. The teaching mainly takes place via online communication, but mandatory campus meetings are also included. This means meetings on three occasions per semester and then two per campus week.

Course literature and travel to campus meetings are not included in the course fee.


This basic psychotherapy training does not guarantee eligibility for the psychotherapy program. Each individual university assesses the applicant's basic education upon application. This is not unique to this training, but applies to all basic psychotherapy training. Some psychotherapy training also requires self-therapy.

As higher education institutions have different prerequisites and make different assessments, it is safest that you contact the respective higher education institution to find out the prerequisites that apply to admission to the psychotherapy program.

Malin Anclair

Malin Anclair, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 493828
Organisation: Psychology, Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Health, Education and Technology

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