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EWF-ELW course in laser welding / laser hybrid welding

Published: 19 February 2021

Get a diploma in laser welding according to the European Welding Federation, EWF.

Laser welding is the method of the future according to many experts and fits many materials and different production environments. The European Welding Federation, EWF, has developed an independent special course in laser welding and laser hybrid welding that Luleå University of Technology now provides in Swedish. An international diploma, the EWF diploma, guarantees top quality education.

The course includes

Theoretical part:
Laser welding process and their function, Materials and their weldability, Characteristics for laser welded joints, Manufacturing and applications, Laser hybrid welding process, Joint design, Quality assurance and laser safety. (Total 28 hours)

Practical part:
Process parameters and its impact on fiber, and Nd: YAG laser welding, Light and hard welded materials, Laser hybrid welding. (Total 30 hours and 10 hours home work)

The course is conducted on three occasions in 2-3 days in a three-month period. Theory and practice are combined and work together to achieve the best possible learning. The examination comprises three hours written knowledge control and approved laboratory reports. Passed students receive an EWF diploma as a course certificate.


The course leader is Jan Frostevarg, assistant professor in production development at Luleå University of Technology. Jan has extensive experience with laser welding and has published several scientific articles in the field. Other teachers also have many years of expertise both theoretically and practically. The group is one of the international leaders in knowledge development in the field

For more information contact

Jan Frostevarg

Jan Frostevarg, Associate Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491675
Organisation: Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Product and Production Development, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics