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work environment technicians
Work environment technician

Work environment technicians have broad knowledge of the work environment and its impact on humans, knowledge that includes both the physical and the organizational and social environment. After completing your education, you should be able to analyze, develop and design safe and attractive jobs, workplaces and systems that are adapted to people's needs and conditions.

Business English

This is the course for you who want to develop your ability to communicate effectively in formal English to build and maintain international relationships in working life and business.

Material fatigue

Material fatigue is the most common fault in mechanical equipment. Loads such as vibrations, pressure, temperature, water waves and wind loads can cause fatigue. Learn to analyze and make decisions about material fatigue to provide the desired longevity for your products or processes.

Contract education Electric power technology

The training package in Electrical Engineering consists of eight courses over 26 weeks.

snabbspår energiteknik
Contract education Energy technology

The training package begins with a course in combustion and introduction to the Swedish energy system and is followed by three courses in the areas of energy technology facilities, heating and ventilation technology and the work environment. To be eligible for this contract education, you need to have a diploma (bachelor's degree) and have studied Swedish as a second language. You must also send in your CV and personal letter in Swedish. You must be registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). Contact the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) for more information.

Laser cutting EWF ELC)

Get a diploma in laser cutting with a certificate from the European Welding Federation

trädets anatomi
Wood technology 1, the construction and anatomy of the tree

The tree's construction is optimally designed for the tree's needs, but not for us. Good knowledge of the raw material's properties is required to create profitability and avoid costly mistakes in the entire chain from forest raw material to sawn product.

träteknik 2
Wood technology 2, wood and moisture

The course explains why the manufacturing process looks like it does based on the properties of the raw material. Describes strategies and process steps to ensure the quality and properties of the sawn product. The course is a continuation of the course Tree construction and anatomy.

trä 3
Wood technology 3, process and product

The course is a continuation of the course Tree construction and anatomy.