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The preschool teacher's leadership and teaching

Published: 19 April 2021

Do you want to gain and be able to spread a deeper understanding of leadership and teaching in preschool? Then this is a course for you.

About the course

The course aims to deepen the understanding of leadership and learning among active preschool teachers.

The objectives of the course are for you to learn:

  • Describe, interpret and analyze the importance of the preschool teacher's leadership in relation to the preschool teacher's responsibility for teaching
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between the concepts of education, teaching and learning
  • Describe, interpret and analyze the preschool teacher's responsibility for teaching
  • Describe, interpret and analyze how different theories about learning and teaching affect the preschool teacher's teaching assignment

The course contains

  • Preschool governing document
  • Education, teaching and learning
  • The preschool teacher's teaching responsibility (teaching, didactics, scientific basis)
  • Learning theories and the theories' consequences for teaching
  • Preschool teacher leadership


The course's two teachers Anna Öqvist and Sara Cervantes are university lecturers in pedagogy with a focus on preschool teacher education at Luleå University of Technology and have extensive experience of preschool as a field of activity.

For more information contact:

Tina Bäckström

Tina Bäckström,

Phone: 070-2371261
Organisation: Professional Support