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Reading and writing learning for preschool teachers who teach in preschool class, 15 higher education credits

Published: 2 March 2022

The course is aimed at those who have a preschool teacher degree and teach as a preschool teacher in a preschool class. The purpose of the course is for you as a preschool teacher to strengthen your competence to teach in a possible ten-year compulsory school and to even out the difference between preschool teacher education and primary teacher education with a focus on work in preschool class and compulsory school years 1-3 regarding basic reading and writing.

About the course

During the course, you will immerse yourself in basic reading and writing learning and how you in your teaching can support and challenge students' interest in and ability to communicate in speech and writing.

The course also provides a holistic perspective on the importance of language and storytelling for students' learning, meaning-making and identity development from a diversity perspective.

During the education, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in how you can work with an inclusive approach in your teaching based on all students' experiences and needs. You will also develop your knowledge of multilingualism and how you can create language-developing learning environments. The course also gives you the opportunity to develop your ability to follow up and assess students' reading and writing learning as a basis for further teaching and learning.

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Märtha Andersson

Märtha Andersson, Senior Lecturer

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