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Free online courses (MOOC)

Welcome to our MOOCs - free digital courses that are open to everyone and start whenever you want. The courses span topics such as entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry and project management.

What is a MOOC?

The term MOOC is an abbreviation of Massive Open Online Course. It is used worldwide and refers to web-based courses that are free of charge and available to anyone who wants to attend them. They can either be performed at your own pace or according to a schedule with synchronized groups, with a predetermined start and stop date.

The abbreviation MOOC stands for:

  • Massive: The course has an unlimited number of places.
  • Open: Anyone can take the course and there is no application process.
  • Online: The course is offered over the internet.
  • Course: That which is offered is a course of varying scope.

Is this for me?

Luleå University of Technology has developed several new MOOCs for you who want to broaden or deepen your knowledge in a number of different subject areas such as economics, marketing, digitization and entrepreneurship. 

The MOOC courses comprise approximately 10-15 hours of study and are given via LTU Professional Education, the university's organization for further education of professionals. You decide where and when to study. The courses are free, but for a fee you can choose to issue a certificate after completing the course with a passed result. 

All MOOCs are basically free of charge. What costs money is if you choose to issue a certificate certifying that you have completed the course with a passed result. A certificate costs about SEK 600.

From the day you choose to start the course, you have 14-21 days to complete it (depending on the length of the course, more information if there is in the course description). If you have not had time to complete the course, you can, for a fee, extend the study period and then have unlimited time to complete the course.