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We have collected the most common questions about further education for professionals through LTU Professional Education.

What is LTU Professional Education?

LTU Professional Education is Luleå University of Technology's organization for further education of professionals - so-called contract education.

What is contract education?

Contract education is company education for organizations that want to be at the forefront and invest in the future by strengthening the staff's skills. Contract education via LTU Professional Education is arranged for a fee and is linked to the regular educational offer for which the university has the right to a degree.

Who can buy a contract education?

The education can be given to companies, organizations and authorities - in other words, the client must be a legal person. It is always the client who appoints the participants. If you are a private individual, you can not order contract education, then we refer instead to our regular training offer (link to our training).

How to buy a contract education?

Choose from our already existing commissioned trainings or get a tailored contract education. If you are an employer, contact us at LTU Professional Education. Together, we analyze your company's needs and then adapt an education.

What does a contract education cost?

Some courses at Professional Education are free, such as digital short courses (MOOCs). Others are subject to a fee and the pricing varies, but a basic condition is that the university needs to have full cost coverage for the education. Contact us for a price inquiry.

In what form and scope does the education take place?

LTU Professional Education delivers education on campus, online or on site at your company. The length of an education can range from a one-day course to more complex programs that run over several semesters.

Does the contract education take place during the day or in the evening?

The client and the university agree on the form of the education. It can be full or part of the day, evening studies or an unscheduled training.

Does the education give academic points?

Some contract educations give higher education credits if the participant completes and passes the examination. This applies regardless of whether the participant has a university degree or not. Participants who do not previously have eligibility for the university can credit the education as basic eligibility.

What distinguishes a contract education from a regular university education?

Some contract educations have the same content as the university's regular programs. Others can be tailored to the participants, according to the employer's wishes for content in the course. On the other hand, the same quality and requirements are always placed on a credit-awarding contract education as on a regular education.