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Social innovation i fokus-forskning

LTU research on social innovation

Luleå University of Technology develops new knowledge and tools in social innovation, in collaboration between academia, business and society. Here are some examples:

Digital platform for a living countryside

To meet the great need for labor in northern Sweden, more people need to choose to move here. Residents of the village of Vuollerim, in collaboration with researchers and students at Luleå University of Technology, have designed a service that, based on the user's needs, will match people with the right village to settle in. Suggestions for different interfaces and prototypes of functions have been developed. The service is under development and will be a digital platform in the form of a mobile application.

Woman, lonely, nature Photo: Pixabay

Less food waste will make the Baltic Sea healthier

Raw materials from the food industry are not utilized in an efficient and ecologically sustainable way. In a pilot project on social innovation at Luleå University of Technology, in collaboration with Guldhaven Pelagiska AB in Kalix, the researchers will develop an economically sustainable business model so that more fish species and a larger proportion of each fish can be sold as food instead of ending up in biogas plants.


They design a sustainable future

In a new project within Interreg Sápmi, an innovative education is being developed to make small businesses in the reindeer industry more competitive and attractive.