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Pär Weihed

Boundless collaboration

Published: 9 September 2022

Last week, around fifty participants from Sweden and Finland gathered for the final conference of the project Work Together - a project financed by Interreg Nord and Region Norrbotten.

The project has been running since March 2020 and has had the main aim of increasing cross-border mobility in the labor market.

Luleå University of Technology has, together with other parties, contributed to the project with activities for participants in both countries and within the framework of the project has developed two open, digital online courses, so-called. MOOCs in Sustainable Production Systems and Career Planning. The university has also invited to a series of study visits and lectures.

Other parties in the project, Utbildning Nord, Lappia, OSAO, OAMK and Nordkalottrådet have, among other things, given courses in Swedish, conducted a study on mental border barriers and mapped the deficit strength in the northernmost counties in Sweden and Finland.

At the closing conference, Pär Weihed, pro-rector at Luleå University of Technology, spoke about attitudes and changes in attitudes and about the necessity of cooperation between the countries, for future green investments and recruitments in the Northern Hemisphere.

The project has engaged over 1,000 participants from the two countries and led to increased networking and broadened perspectives.