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Good collaborations

For companies with ambition - Do you and your company want to develop and grow? Based on your company's needs, you can strengthen your company's competitiveness and business operations through students in their education. Our students can act as your company's external development unit and contribute with new perspectives, inspire with the newest knowledge, while at the same time you get to test skills that can simplify recruitment later on. At the same time, it makes it possible for us to receive more attractive and dynamic educations. A win/win, quite simply.

Luleå tekniska universitet och Ecotech
Ecotech university collaboration

Collaboration between Ecotech and Luleå University of Technology

Spinab's university collaboration

Meet Spinab – the Piteå company that has custom-ordered doors and windows and their collaboration with a student

Bryggargatan's university collaboration

Bistro Bryggargatan in Skellefteå is known as one of the city's best restaurants.

Mirror samverkan
Mirror's university collaboration

The Norrbotten-based IT company Mirror saw an opportunity to invest in the further development of their business system .

Latitude 64's university collaboration

Meet LATITUDE 64 – the Skellefteå company that is the world leader in disc golf and is growing like crazy.

Luleå tekniska universitet Svedjan Ost
University Collaboration with Svedjan Cheese

During the past year, Svedjan Ost has collaborated in two projects with students from Luleå University of Technology.