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Projektkurs/självständigt arbete

Information and communication technology. | D7017E

Published: 7 July 2022

Here you as an IT company have the chance to propose, oversee and complete a major software project in information and communication technology together with our civil engineering students. They work in groups with about ten students in each group with a larger task that is carried out during the autumn semester (September to mid-January) where the students get to practice planning, customer contact, communication, implementation, packaging and more.

What does the client/company get?

In addition to completing a larger project, you also get the chance to make contacts with several students for future recruitment, such as ex-jobs and longer employment. You will also be able to show what it is like to work in the local IT industry and contribute to more students staying and developing the region.

How does it happen?

The students get to work with planning, theoretical development, implementation, communication, documentation, customer contact, integration and more. The students choose the task themselves based on a list of primary proposals from the local industry. Oral partial report is carried out at the end of October, final oral report in mid-December and written report in mid-January including report, software, installation instructions and more.

What is required of the client?

  • A selling problem statement including expected results (in Swedish or English) in the form of 1-2 A4. Tasks that are more open, where the students can come up with a solution themselves, are preferable.
  • A contact person at the company who is familiar with the problem and interested in the assignment.
  • Attend meetings when needed. The number of meetings varies, but count on approx. 1 meeting per week at the beginning and then one meeting every two weeks when the work has started.
  • Feel free to invite the students to a visit to the workplace.
  • Please note that the students own the rights to their own work and if the company wants to take over the rights, it is a matter of negotiation with the students.

Works from previous course rounds

  • Luleå Makerspace: Visual programming learning with the robot Pepper - 2022
  • EdAider: Gamified learning support - 2022
  • EdAider: A next generation learning platform - 2021
  • BNearIT: Route optimization Smart Recycling - 2021
  • Substorm: RPA Tomorrow - 2020
  • Tromb: Shepard (Where's Peter?) - 2020
  • Future Ordering: Project Supervision - 2020
  • Future Ordering: digital ordering - 2019
  • ICLapland: Sweden's hospitality industry - 2019
  • Netrounds: Scalable server deployment and metrics - 2018
  • Future Ordering: Project Voice - 2018
  • Lundqvist wood product: Face recognition for buildings - 2017
  • LTU: Gamified online system for increased programming learning - 2017
  • LTU: VR School - 2016

Contact person/report to:

Peter Parnes

Peter Parnes, Professor, Recognised University Teacher

Phone: +46 (0)920 491033
Organisation: Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

Text approved 230223 by Peter Parnes, course responsible 2023.