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Universities welcome short-term layoffs from the business world

Luleå University of Technology and Lund University are currently developing a model that increases the exchange of knowledge between business and universities during the covid-19 pandemic. Personnel in the business world are given a simpler opportunity for competence development at universities, on site or digitally. The possibility is now being tested within a project financed by Vinnova.

The model for so-called affiliate competence that has been developed and is now being tested by Luleå University of Technology and Lund University is based on employees with a key role or core competence within companies being able to easily work at a university for a shorter period. The overall purpose of the stay at the university is that individuals with cutting-edge expertise in various areas of business should be able to further develop their skills for the mutual benefit of themselves, the company and the university.

Contact person

Sabine Mayer

Sabine Mayer, Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0)920 492428
Organisation: VSS-SSR, Professional Support