Korta vägen

An opportunity for foreign graduates to get a job.


The goal of Korta vägen is to increase your chances of getting a job that matches your competence. The education also prepares you who need to supplement your education so that it matches the requirements that exist in the Swedish labor market. The education is max 6 months long.

The short way is for you as

  • Is foreign-born and has at least two years of academic education from your home country. In the first instance, the education is aimed at those who are newly arrived (received a residence permit within 36 months). The education may also be relevant for other graduates who need the education.
  • Is registered at the Employment Service
  • Is ready with SFI D / is deemed to have sufficient knowledge in Swedish to take advantage of the education

It is Arbetsförmedlingen that decides after a labor market policy assessment if you are to be assigned to the education.

The short path is suitable for those who have an academic education in the following areas

  • Technology, data, or science
  • Social or behavioral science
  • Finance, commerce, marketing or administration
  • Pedagogy
  • Care and medicine

Are you a foreign academy and want to participate?

Send CV and personal letter to the Employment Service in Luleå:

Linda Ljungberg, 010-488 00 44

Does your company / organization want to receive an intern?

If you are interested in receiving a trainee, the first step is to contact the project manager for Korta vägen. Thereafter, an internship interview with one or more candidates follows. If you want to go further, suitable tasks are discussed.

The purpose of the practice is for the person to gain an insight into Swedish working life and it is an advantage if the practice is linked to the academic background. The internship can be anything from two to twelve weeks, full-time or part-time. If necessary, the period can be extended.

As an employer, you are responsible for appointing a supervisor who takes care of the introduction and has regular follow-ups with the trainee. At the end of the period, the supervisor writes a certificate showing the tasks performed.

Throughout the period, the trainee has remuneration via the Employment Service. The intern is also insured. The insurance covers both personal injuries and possible damage to equipment and equipment caused by the trainee. No compensation is paid to the company or the supervisor.

For more information contact

Anna Tuomas

Anna Tuomas,

Phone: 070-3693816
Organisation: LTU Business AB, External
Tina Bäckström

Tina Bäckström,

Phone: 070-2371261
Organisation: LTU Business AB, External