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Nursing in asthma, allergy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 15 credits

Published: 17 September 2019

The course is aimed at you who are a nurse and who want to gain in-depth knowledge.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with knowledge in nursing in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergy and obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as well as develop your ability to work based on evidence-based care.

Course Content

The course is divided into two parts:

1. Prevalence and diagnostics in asthma, allergy and COPD, 6.0 credits
The course deals with the occurrence of asthma, allergy and COPD, the health and risk factors for the onset and development of the diseases and the possibility of prevention. Immunological mechanisms for allergy disease are also addressed. The course also includes respiratory physiology, diagnostics, differential diagnosis, comorbidities, investigations, adequate examinations and tests such as FEV 1 / FEV 6 measurement, PEF measurement, dynamic spirometry and allergy diagnostics. The current symptom forms are also reviewed.

2. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment in asthma, allergy and COPD, 9.0 cr
The course covers both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment, which also includes patient education, support for self-care and person-centered care. The module ends with an in-depth work in the form of an improvement work or a smaller literature review which also includes the search and review of scientific literature.

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